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Check Your Eligibility

HHS-OIG processes only those whistleblower complaints that fall within its jurisdiction and meet certain requirements. Protected whistleblowers are those who have exposed fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or unlawful activity within a HHS agency, contractor, subcontractor, grantee or subgrantee organization, and the law prohibits employers from taking retaliatory actions against them. Below is information that HHS-OIG looks for when evaluating the eligibility of a whistleblower retaliation complaint.

Who do you work for?

To file a whistleblower retaliation complaint with HHS-OIG, you must be a Federal employee or applicant for HHS or one of its agencies. Or, you must work for a non-federal employer that receives HHS contract or grant funding.

Who is eligible?

Examples of those who could meet the eligibility criteria include:

Who is not eligible?

Examples of those who are not eligible include:

Did you submit a protected communication?

A protected communication occurs when an employee discloses fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement to a person with supervisory authority over the employee, the Inspector General, the Comptroller General, the Office of Special Counsel, a member of Congress, a state or federal regulatory or law enforcement agency, a court or grand jury, the head of a federal agency or his/her representatives, or individuals responsible for the management of a contract or grant (e.g., contracting officer).

Were you retaliated against?

Your employer cannot take action against you for disclosing wrongdoing. Examples of actions that could be considered retaliatory include:

When filing your complaint, be ready with a description of the retaliatory action that happened to you and the responsible management official’s name.

What are your options to file a complaint?

Report Whistleblower Retaliation

HHS-OIG accepts and investigates complaints from whistleblowers who reported wrongdoing at HHS, its agencies and some non-federal employers and were retaliated against because of it. Our online form provides a secure route for whistleblowers to submit a detailed complaint about their experience.

Submit a Complaint